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Frequentis AG, established in 1947, is an international supplier of communication and information systems for control centres with mission-critical tasks. Frequentis develops and distributes these ”control centre solutions” in the business segments Air Traffic Management (civil and military air traffic control, air defence) and Public Safety & Transport.

The parent company of the Frequentis group is Frequentis AG, a public limited company with its registered office in Vienna, where the strategic business activities and corporate functions are centralised. Continual expansion of the company group in accordance with the three pillars sales & operations, software & products and services & solutions is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy.

The business drivers of Frequentis AG are the global needs for safety and mobility. The customer groups in the public agency sector and the business activities in the infrastructure sector provide the basis for Frequentis‘ long-term growth and sustained stability. Our worldwide clientele includes air navigation service providers, organisations for internal and external security, the police, fire and rescue services, emergency medical services, railways, and vessel traffic.

As a member of the SAPIENT consortium, Frequentis is contributing to several project tasks mainly bringing-in its expertise with regard to the terrestrial datalink (LDACS1). In particular, Frequentis is leading one work-package that deals with the definition of key performance indicators (KPI) for the terrestrial data-link.